Developing people for peak performance and maximizing business opportunities for growth
Welcome to Amag

Amag offers a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and clients

such as 

  • Information Systems Quality Assurance

  • Information Systems Auditing & Security

  • Internal Auditing 

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Information  and Communication Technology 

  • Procurement & Contract Management

  • Strategic Sourcing and Cost Management 

  • Project Management

  • Human Resources Services

  • Training


Our success 

We have successfully worked with various clients in Banking, Insurance, Pension, Telecoms, Courier, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government and other private sectors in the area of business advisory, capacity building, human capital development, management and audit consulting.

Management Services
Management Services

Increase your bottom line through our management services

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Transform your workforce into High Performance Teams through our team building programmes

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Quality Corporate Training adds value to your business.

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Management Services
Management Services

Increase your bottom line through our management services

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News & Events
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Recent Events

Amag Executive Academy recently organized the following training workshops 

  • Effective Budgeting & Cost Management

  • Effective Sales Skills

  • Strategic Sales and Planning

  • Effective Systems Auditing  

  • Marketing and Business Development Skills

  • Building & Leading a 21st Century Team

  • Managing People for Strategic Advantage

  • Strategic Procurement & Contract Management

  • Audit Report Writing Skills Virtual Training

  • Key Account Management

  • HR Records and Document Management

  • Strategic Selling  

  • Information Security Awareness

  • Personal Effectiveness at Work

  • High Impact Leadership

  • Effective Facilities Management

  • Risk Based Internal Auditing

  • Selling Skills and Customer Retention

  • Audit Report Writing Skills

  • Effective Internal Auditing

  • Business Writing Skills

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Effective Inventory Management

  • Records and Document Management


What's New

Amag Graduate Academy offers training courses to address the needs of young graduates.and also organises Customised Induction Programmes for New Employees of various organisations


We have developed rich courses that will enhance their skills, prepare them for work and empower them to add value to the organisations they work for.


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Upcoming Open Training Programmes in October 2021

Business Courses

•    Work Ethics & Leadership Skills Improvement Oct 5-6
•    Work Ethics & Attitude Improvement Oct 7-8
•    Managing People for Strategic Advantage Oct 7-8
•    Personal Effectiveness at Work Oct 11-12
•    Problem Solving & Decision-Making Oct 13-14
•    Time Management and Productivity Improvement Oct 14-15
•    Records & Document Management Oct 20-21
•    HR Records Keeping & Document Management Oct 20-21
•    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Oct 20-22
•    Management & Administrative Skills Oct 26-27
•    Management Skills Development Oct 27-28
•    Office Management & Administration Skills Oct 28-29
•    Strategic Marketing Management Oct 28-28


Specialized Courses

•    Effective Information System Security Oct 5-7
•    Electronic Business Risk Management Oct 6-8
•    Credit Monitoring & Loan Administration Oct 6-8
•    Risk Mgt. & Business Planning Process Oct 12-14
•    Strategic Sourcing & Cost Management Oct 13-15
•    Effective Financial Management & Control Oct 13-15
•    Forensic Investigative Auditing Oct 20-22
•    Enterprise Risk Management Oct 20-22
•    Electronic Business Risk Management Oct 26-28
•    Information Security Awareness     Oct 28-29


"There is dignity in labour, be proud of what you do. Be a producer, keep on producing". - Kehinde Olubi

"Determine never to be idle. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing". - Thomas Jefferson