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Who we are


Amag provides Information Systems Quality Assurance, Systems Auditing & Security and  Business Advisory services as well as cutting edge technological solutions that will add value to our clients' businesses thereby helping them to improve performance and grow their businesses at reasonable cost. 


We are a dynamic and innovative service provider with strength in systems implementation & integration, security & audit, project management and training services.


We are also positioned to provide IT solutions and services to various companies across several industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, oil & gas, etc. 



To provide high quality business solutions and management services that will add value to our customers’ businesses thereby creating a niche in the market place and ensuring good returns to all our stakeholders. 



Our goals will  be achieved by applying our technical competencies, industry know-how, and relevant liaisons that will enable us solve our clients’ business challenges cost-effectively using the most appropriate technology and solutions 



We are passionate about adding value to our clients through culture change management, business process improvement and capacity building. To this end,we developed some valuable informative resources for the use of our clients which we believe you will find useful.


Amag also offers the full range of hardware (e.g. Enterprise Unix and Windows Servers, Desktop Computers, etc), software and other services to all our customers. We work together with our business partners to provide quality services to our customers. 



Our staff have acquired significant experiences across several industries  where the enterprise solutions were implemented on a large scale in an environment where service availability is critical for business and of utmost importance on a continuous basis. 


We have also worked with several clients over the past ten years providing advisory, audit and security services as well as quality training programmes to develop their human capital and improve their productivity.




The executive team comprises professionals with long-standing career backgrounds in varied technical, banking  and consulting environments with a good knowledge of best practices and business processes.

Our staff are well equipped and trained professionals with varied significant experiences acquired over many decades from several industries both locally and abroad

"We judge ourselves by the things we feel capable of doing while others judge us by what we have already done"

       -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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