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Document Preparation and Editing

Amag Consultancy Services include preparation and editing of various business documents such as:

  • Business Proposals

  • Business Agreement

  • Contract Letters

  • Contract Agreement

  • Request for Information (RFI)

  • Request For Proposal (RFP)

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Business Policies and Procedures

  • IT Policies and Procedures

  • Business Feasibility Report

  • Market Research Report

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

  • Business Strategic Plan

  • IT Strategic Plan

  • Operations Manual

  • Anti-Money Laundering /CFT Manual

  • Business Process Documentation

  • Process Workfflow

  • Internal Control Policies & Procedures

  • Internal Audit Report

  • Audit Manual

  • Business Forms

  • Training Manual

  • Project documentation

Our target customers include:

  • Financial Institutions

    • Commercial Banks

    • Mortgage Banks

    • Micro Finance Banks

    • Savings & Loans

    • Asset Management

    • Pension Fund Administrators

    • Stock Brokers

    • Insurance

    • Insurance Brokers

    • Investment

    • Bureau De Change

  • Telecommunications

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Courier

  • Government

  • SMEs


Document preparation is not necessarily easy, but it can be rewarding and a good document can build your reputation. A bad one can spoil your reputation as well.


Every business will require documents for the smooth running of its operations or easy consummation of its transactions. Documents are required for effective communication with internal and external customers.Whether they are for internal or external use, documents ought to be well-prepared at all times. 


Some of these documents are in form of business forms, reports, letters, manuals, policies and procedures

Reading or writing of document is not the easiest job . Most readers become irritated when business documents contain errors that ought to have been detected and corrected by the writers before sending them out in the first place.

Producing vital documents that are error free is very imperative for any business.  Documents that are originating from any department of the company must be prepared in a professional manner  that will project the image of the company in a good light.


Editing is often done casually, whereas it should be done carefully and systematically to prevent your readers from hesitating when reading your documents.


One of our services is to help you prepare or proofread and edit your documents to eliminate errors and make them look more professional.


We are well equipped to fix all your editing problems.

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