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Amag Executive Academy


Amag Executive Academy(AEA) is the training division of Amag Nigeria Limited.


We are a dynamic training academy with focus on capacity building, enhancing people performance, coaching & counselling professionals and delivering team building events.


We believe we have a lot to impact lives within and outside our immediate work environment by virtue of the experiences and professional skills acquired over many decades.




We specialise in:

  • Designing and delivering in-house training courses

  • Designing and delivering management training programmes

  • Designing and delivering management and leadership development programmes

  • Offering public open training courses

  • HR Consulting

    • Set up of Training Academy

    • Outsourcing and management of Learning and Development function

  • Management Coaching




Formed in May 2010 and with a director that has worked in several commercial banks and served in various capacities for two decades,  you can be confident that you will be in safe and professional hands.

AEA differentiates itself from its competition through proactive attention to detail.

Prior to forming AEA our Director has gained years of experience in dealing with training and team event providers such as FITC, NIBSS, Banks etc

Through AEA’s unique tailored approach to team building and coaching, all of our clients can be confident that their event or coaching session will hit the mark – every time.


  • Professionalism

  • Reliability

  • Integrity 

  • Innovativeness

  • Diligence

  • Excellence



All our training programmes and coaching sessions are personally designed to achieve individual and  corporate objectives.


All participants get the same high level of attention to detail to ensure their needs are fulfilled precisely regardless of the size of the class.


We also ensure they acquire the knowledge required to adopt best practices and implement new strategies and principles the very next business day.




The management team comprises professionals with long-standing career backgrounds in varied technical, banking, insurance, manufacturing  and consulting environments with good knowledge of best practices and business processes.



All our facilitators are seasoned and experienced professionals from various industries under the leadership of a programme director, Kehinde Olubi who also

facilitates in most of the training programmes. They are carefully selected to impart practicable knowledge  and share experience with participants.



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The method by which training is delivered is based on

  • The needs of the company

  • The needs of the trainee

  • The task/s being performed

The method should suit the audience, the content, the business environment, and the learning objectives.

The method chosen will

  • motivate participants to learn,

  • help them prepare for learning,

  • enable them to apply and practice what they've been taught,

  • help them retain and transfer what they have learned, and

  • integrate performance with other skills and knowledge.

Common group training methods we employ include

  • Stand-up Facilitation

  • Demonstration

  • Seminars

  • Role playing

  • Discussions

  • Case Studies




Amag develops and offers various courses in different flavours to individual and corporate clients. These courses are offered as open training programmes or as in-plant workshops. 


Below are the categories of courses we run as open and inplant 


  • Soft Skill Courses

    • Business Communication & Personal Development

    • Customer Service

    • Leadership & Management

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Administration

    • Entrepreneurship

  • Skill-Based Courses

    • Audit & Security

    • Financial Management

    • Compliance

    • Procurement & Contract Management

    • Project & Facilities Management

    • Risk & Liability Management

    • Operations Management

  • eLearning Courses

  • CISA Professional Examination Preparatory Course


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  • Simulations

  • Exercises

  • Assigned reading

  • Action Learning

  • eLearning

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